Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[2003] The battle for the signatures has started

source: el mundo deportivo, tuesday 13 may 2003, page 22

Rovira, Bassat and Llauradó want to make an impact with the signatures

They will ask 200.000, 170.000 and 120.000 slips; none of the other candidates will ask more than 15.000

The battle for the 1.529 signatures needed to become an official candidate in the presidential elections has started. The club already knows the exact number of slips that each of the candidates (except Joan Laporta) intends to ask.

The statutes of FC Barcelona state that the club puts at the disposal of the candidates for free a number of slips that doubles the number of signatures that are required. Apart from those 3.058 papers, each candidate can get an additional number for which he has to pay six euro cents each.

Based upon the requests of the eight candidates, we can see a clear gap between Josep Martínez-Rovira, Lluís Bassat and Jaume Llauradó, and the remaining five.

The first has asked for 200.000 slips, 30.000 more than Bassat, while Llauradó wants 120.000 slips. The reason for those high numbers is that all three candidates want to use the mailing service offered by FC Barcelona to send their project to the club members.

Far behind them are the requests of the others, which do not exceed 15.000 slips. That figure is what was asked by Josep Maria Minguella. Jordi Majó has asked 7.000, while Jordi Casas and Jordi Medina want 6.000. The legal advisers of Laporta were last night still in the process of making a decision on the number.

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