Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oliver: "My bags are ready from day one"

Barcelona chief executive Joan Oliver gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport. Some excerpts.

Until when will you be at Barcelona?
Until tomorrow if that's necessary. My vision is very simple. I'm not tied to Jan Laporta.

Your time at the club will end together with the mandate of Laporta?
I have a labour contract and like everyone here that's for an undefined period. The club and I both can put an end to it in certain situations, like a change of the board.

And that means that...
I haven't considered leaving. But my bags are ready from day one. It's almost twenty years now that I'm working at high-profiled positions and that I'm dealing with controversy. I left all these jobs from one day to another. I know I'm around as long as it lasts. You can only do this job if you are ready to leave tomorrow.

You will follow Laporta in a possible move to the Catalan government?
With him? Who do you take me for? Never in my life I have thought about what I will do later. I've never thought about getting involved in politics. And now I don't see myself joining the project of Jan.

Will you stay if Soriano or Godall become president?
I don't worry about it and I'm not thinking about that. My job is exciting and when I leave I will keep on being happy. My bag is ready from day one and who doesn't want to understand this is wrong. Everything I do depends on the confidence of the president and his board. When I don't have that, I will say thanks and up to the next job.

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