Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guixa, Benedito and Rosell react to latest events

The non-board presidential candidates yesterday also reacted to the latest event that led to Barcelona president Joan laporta and a large majority of the current board of directors give their support to Barcelona assests vice-president presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer (read more here):

Jaume Guixà [picture]
"I'm not surprised by what has happened, the continuism is in trouble. Laporta is playing with all of them. Generals who abandon their wounded soldiers never win wars. These events only generate more distrust among the members and put an end to the credibility of the continuism."

Agustí Benedito
"We continue to work on our project, as we have done since October. We believe that the club is above any personal interests and what has happened in the last hours is a sign of the deterioration of a project where people have become more important than the interests of the club."

Jaume López, campaign director of Sandro Rosell
"We fully respect all options and all candidates. As far as the events surrounding Alfons Godall are concerned, it is clear to us that this won't be the last thing that happens, that there is more to come over the next weeks and that the current situation will not be the final one but that it's logical things will still change."

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