Saturday, March 27, 2010

The withdrawal statement of Godall

With the following statement, Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall withdraw his candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona on Thursday evening (read more here):

"Dear all,

I firmly believe that the +BARÇA project that was born on 25 January is totally valid, but at this moment, the circumstances needed to make it happen are not there.

The +BARÇA project intended to guarantee the successful management model that has led us to live the best years in the history of our club. This model has worked very well in the sporting, economic and social areas, has defended the Catalan identity of the club and has made FC Barcelona the club with the biggest social commitment and the most global club in the world.

This model still could go a long way, there are many challenges ahead, but we also need new people and new ideas to improve what has been achieved so far. I've always been in favour of joining forces and overcome old disputes, because projects are more important than people, and above all that is our beloved FC Barcelona. Therefore, I have never seen my leadership as a necessary condition for the +BARÇA project.

I will continue working to participate in a project that fills the huge space between the continuity because of the continuity and the change because of the change. I am sure that new opportunities and new hopes will arise in the 2010 elections at FC Barcelona.

I want to thank you for all the expressions of support and encouragement I have received since 25 January and especially during the past week. You are wonderful people, we will stay in touch through my profile on Facebook.

Visca el Barca and Visca Catalunya!

Alfons Godall."

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