Saturday, March 27, 2010

Former vice-president Ingla considering to run

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that former Barcelona marketing and sports vice-president Marc Ingla is considering to run for president in the upcoming elections.

Ingla would over the last months have been working on a candidacy together with former Barcelona economic vice-president Ferran Soriano but now that Soriano has decided not to run for president (read more here), Ingla could take over as number one.

Soriano would have given his approval to this option and Ingla will reportedly make a decion after Easter. Asked if Ingla could take part in the elections, Soriano said in an interview with Catalan television channel TV3 that he doesn't know what Ingla will do but that he certainly has the skills needed.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that people who supported Soriano first asked former Barcelona first vice-president Albert Vicens to head a list, but Vicens would not be very willing to accept the offer. The group of supporters would now in the coming days try to convince Ingla, who is said to be thinking about the situation.

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