Sunday, March 21, 2010

Benedito feels neglected by media

Asked about the role of the Godó group and the Zeta group - the two main Catalan media groups - in the electoral process, Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito has said in an interview with Catalan local television station Teletaxi TV that he's not getting the same chances as others:

"As I'm already involved in this for several years - these are my fourth elections - I know certain mechanisms and I understand how things work. And I think I'm not saying something new when I'm saying that those two important media groups each seem to support a different option. That's at least the feeling I have.

So if they want it to be a two-horse race, we are too much. It asks a lot to appear in some media, but I understand the logic of the powers behind it. And that's fine by me. The pre-campaign will be very long and the time will come when we will be able to present ourselves in the way we want.

It's true that we might not appear that much in the media, as if we don't exist. But I think that when we've passed the cut of the signatures and there will be three of four candidates left, which I think will be the case, at that moment there will be twenty days left before the elections.

And during those twenty days, the elections will be decided. And I hope that during that period I will be treated equally as the other candidates and have the chance to explain our program, of which I'm sure it's the best. I fully believe that if the club members can hear about our project, and can compare it with the others, we could cause a surprise."

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