Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is the role of a vice-president?

Article 30, paragraph 2 of the statutes of FC Barcelona says that the club should have between one and five vice-presidents: "The positions that make up the Board will be, at least and necessarily, those of [...] Vice president [...] and optionally, and by decision of the Board itself, up to four other Vice Presidents [...]."

Article 30.2 of the statute defines the functions of a Barcelona vice-president:

"a) To exercise, in representation of the President, that person's duties when delegated by the same.

b) To temporarily substitute the President in cases of absence, temporary incapacitation or suspension of his or her presidency.

c) To substitute the President when that person ceases to exercise that position during his or her presidency.

If there is more than one Vice president, the substitute will be the one of highest category, if they have been named in an order, or the longest-serving member if they are all of the same category, except for temporary substitutions as detailed in section b) owing to the absence or temporary incapacitation of the President, in which case the President will directly designate the Vice president that will substitute him or her.

d) All others that are stipulated by these Statutes."

The vice-president is not mentioned further in the statutes apart from the reference in article 34, paragraph 2, saying that at least one vice-president should take part in the meetings of the club's Delegate Commission (read more

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