Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Laporta confirms board support for Ferrer

Early this morning, a few hours after the board meeting in which was decided that Barcelona president Joan Laporta and the majority of the board members would support Barcelona assets vice-president Jaume Ferrer and not Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall in the presidential elections on 13 June (read more here), Laporta put the following statement on his personal website:

"On Monday afternoon, I met with fellow colleagues of the board of directors, two members of which - Alfons Godall and Jaume Ferrer - were, as is publicly known, leading two pre-candidacies ahead of the upcoming elections at FC Barcelona. The other board colleagues were also present, with the exception of Albert Perrín, who is in Argentina, Magda Oranich and Alfons Castro, who were excused because of professional reasons, and Patrick Auset, who lives in Perpignan. Magda and Patrick have been following the decisions by phone.

In recent months I have looked for unity among the members of the board I have the honour to lead in the forthcoming elections on 13 June because all of them have shown their ability to guarantee the continuity of the club model that we have used over the past seven years. All of them have shown strength to resist and courage in difficult situations and they have all been firm in the decisions we have taken and applied in the benefit of the club.

And now, by a large majority, we have decided to close the ranks and to have one candidate coming from the current board, which will ensure the continuity of the current model that has brought Barça to live the best moments in its history. We have put an end to historical urgencies. We have Champions Leagues, the World Cup for Clubs, leagues..., we have entered a new international dimension, we are respected by the world of sports, there's the success of the sections... We are a reference. The current Barça model is the reference.

Jaume Ferrer, according to a large majority of those present at the meeting, will head this united candidacy that will guarantee a responsible project so that our club continues to enjoy the sports, social and economic successes of recent years. I think, and I'm convinced of it, that the work we began in June of 2003 after having received the support of the majority of the members still has a long way to go. And that the candidacy that has a large majority and has my full support ensures the best future we all want for our Barça. This project, which will be full of content and new existing proposals, will be explained in detail in the coming days.

Visca el Barça!"

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