Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ferrer won't accept conditions Laporta

Speaking to Catalan radio station Ona FM, Barcelona director Jordi Torrent [picture, on the right], who is part of the candidacy of Barcelona assets vice-president Jaume Ferrer, has said that the support of Barcelona president Joan Laporta for Ferrer doesn't change anything to their initial project:

"Laporta has now decided to give his support to our candidacy and after the other candidate withdrew his project, Ferrer is at this moment the only board candidate left and he will not accept impositions.

Joan Oliver? He has a contract until 30 June and that's when we will see what we will do. But it's clear that the chief executive should be someone who has the full confidence of the president. Ferran Soriano? As every club member, he has the chance to collaborate with us."

Catalan sport paper Sport claimed last week that Laporta would only give his public support to the candidacy of Ferrer if four conditions would be fulfilled, although the paper later said that the vice-president didn't plan to accept any impositions.

The four conditions mentioned were: that Ferrer wouldn't close a deal with former Barcelona economic vice-president Ferran Soriano that would make the latter the head of the candidacy, that Joan Oliver would continue as chief executive, that all current directors who want to continue would be given a place in the board team of Ferrer and that Ferrer would accept the support of Barcelona treasurer Xavier Sala i Martín.

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