Friday, March 5, 2010

Guixa asks president Laporta to resign

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà has today announced at a press conference that he wants Barcelona president Joan Laporta to step down as president because of his political involvement.

Below you find the translation of the letter he personally delivered at the club's offices this morning.

Dear Mr. Laporta,

As a club member of FC Barcelona and as a citizen of Catalonia I want to ask you, with all due respect, to resign as president of our club.

I have publicly stated that you have every right to engage in politics, and from a personal point of view I wish you success in your new endeavours, but I think it would be bad for the club that, during these hundred days that are left before the elections for the presidency of FC Barcelona, you would combine your position as candidate in the upcoming Catalan elections with, at the same time, continuing to represent a club that by definition has to be plural: the club is Catalan, above all, but is also global and belongs to all Catalans, regardless of their political views.

For all this, I want to formally ask you to put an end to this situation, which is, in my opinion, very harmful for FC Barcelona, although it could report you some benefits - especially regarding your fame - in your political project.

With all due respect and kind regards,

Jaume Guixà i Mora
Member of FC Barcelona

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