Friday, February 5, 2010

Soriano: "I don't rule out anything"

Former Barcelona economic vice-president and possible presidential candidate Ferran Soriano gave an interview to Barcelona Informació, a monthly magazine published by the city of Barcelona, in which he also talked about the upcoming elections.

What does the period 2003-2008 mean for you?
A fabulous, unique experience, with a lot of suffering and a lot of hard work, but is there anything better than to work in a place you value highly? We found the club in one situation and we left it in a totally different one. I feel proud about it and I would do it again, despite the ups and downs and the suffering.

What have you learned from that period?
Many things, but one thing that has also helped me in my new job from day one is that when you're in a difficult situation or company, you have to make all changes together and very fast because people expect that you will act and are willing to help for the common good.

After one year, changes are more complicated. We did 80% of the changes we made at Barça during the first year. Later, everything became more difficult, when we weren't losing money anymore and had started to win games.

A sports paper said that at this moment only Soriano is missing in the presidential pre-campaign...
I feel satisfied about Barça. As I said before, I have made an enthusiastic and honest contribution to the club during five years and I honestly think we came out fairly well and that we did good things. Therefore, I've already made my contribution to Barça and I'm not anxious or restless about becoming president of Barça.

That doesn't mean I rule out a return because I like Barça a lot, as we all do, but it will depend on the current and future circumstances. I don't rule out anything, but as I said, it's not something that worries me.

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