Friday, February 19, 2010

Spanish fan clubs not positive about board

Catalan sports weekly paper Gol held a poll among the non-Catalan Spanish fan clubs ahead of the elections in June. A questionnaire with eight questions was sent by mail to fifty Barcelona fan clubs from outside Catalonia, spread over the rest of the territory of the Spanish state, that were picked at random. Below you find the results.

Do you think the date of the elections, 13 June, is right?
No 92%
Yes 8%

Rate the players, Txiki, Guardiola and the board of directors from 1 to 10.
Pep Guardiola 9,3
Players 8,1
Begiristain 5,7
Board of directors 4,1

If Laporta could continue, would you vote for him?
No 78%
Yes 22%

Who do you think has, at this moment, the most chances to win the elections?
Sandro Rosell 50%
Ferran Soriano 26%
Alfons Godall 14%
Jaume Ferrer 6%
Others 4%

What should be the most important thing for the new president of Barça?
To keep Guardiola and the squad 66%
To continue winning 22%
To distance oneself from politics 9%
Others 3%

How do you value the presidency of Laporta?
Very good 6%
Good 12%
Regular 35%
Bad 41%
Very bad 6%

What do you think about the treatment of the fan clubs from outside Catalonia by the current board?
Positive 24%
Normal 41%
Negative 35%

What do you think about the politization of the club by the board of directors?
Very good 1%
Good 3%
Normal 20%
Bad 44%
Very bad 32%

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