Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project Minguella to be announced next month

Asked about his role in the upcoming elections, former presidential candiate Josep Maria Minguella has repeated in an interview with Spanish news agency EFE that he is working on a candidacy together with a large group of Barcelona fans:

"We're working on a project and it's very possible it will lead to a concrete candidacy that could be announced in one month.

Our group of around 50 people mostly consists of liberal professionals and includes important people of the city of Barcelona. This group has been meeting for some time, but I cannot give you any names.

Our ideology will be totally different to that of most other projects. The starting point is that it's not good for Barça that the future would be decided between the 'pro-laportistas' and the 'anti-laportistas', because there are other options.

In principle I won't be the head of the candidacy. That person will be chosen by the group through primaries.
Why wouldn't I lead the project myself? Well, I lived the experience already and I can tell you that the world of football is a nest of jealousy.

For many years, I dedicated myself to this job - that of player's agent - of which I am very proud.
But there are people who give more credit to the belief, which is not true, that I've made money from Barça than to the fact that I have brought Maradona, Stoichkov, Romario, Rivaldo and Messi to Barça, the last one for free. But people don't value it, so what can I do..."

Josep Maria Minguella, a 68-year old former player's agent who now mainly acts as a Barcelona pundit for a number of radio and television shows, took part in the 2003 elections, when he ended fifth with 1.867 votes (3,62%). The Catalan supported the 2008 vote of no confidence against the board.

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