Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Godall: "We believe in the North-American market"

Barcelona first vice-president and presidential candidate Alfons Godall gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu.

The headquarters, the logo, the message... Everything is very Laporta-like, right?
Well, we come from where we come. Things have worked very well, both in the sports area as in the economic and social area. We are the club that wears Unicef on the chest, the club has gone from being more than a club to being more than a club in the world. We have a legacy and we need more Barça to continue to develop this successful model. We can do it. We have a great starting point.

Joan Laporta is the best president in the history of the club?
It's up to the fans to answer that question, but based on the numbers, we could say yes. But we'll have to wait for time to go by before we know it and before we can say it with certainty.

Looking back at your time in office, what do you feel most proud of?
Of the process of modernization and globalization of the club. And to have held on to an attractive way of playing, to our system, to wanting to win by playing well, choosing for the players of the academy. Joan Laporta, with his charisma and energy, has been the one who promoted this.

And what would you consider to be the negative aspects of this mandate?
There has been a period of sporting frustration because of not winning anything with a great squad for two years. This generated anger and frustration and led to the vote of no confidence. There have also been some badly received anecdotal episodes because of the strong personality of Joan.

Can we say that your candidacy is the continuity candidacy?
A period ends and another one starts. We need to make room for a new impulse. Just continuing with this management is not a sufficient argument to convince the club members, more things are needed. To have new ideas that complement the experiences we've gained. We see a club that soon can have a budget of a billion euros, we see social growth and the consolidation of our playing style and our solidary commitment.

You have said that you won't be the puppet of Laporta...
I will have my own project. And I will lead it. I want this to be clear. I think that people from outside will try to say those things, but the facts will show that I will lead this project. You have for example already seen from the start that I didn't always choose for the strategic alliances that could please Joan Laporta the most.

Do you close the door to possible electoral pacts?
I keep in mind the possibility of talking with potential future participants in the election process.

What will be the differences compared to the period of Laporta?
In the first place, the president will be different, which will bring a new style, a new way of governing. I think there are important elements left to develop, issues we didn't have time to work on or to finish, like the latest developments of the real estate assets. We want to remodel the Camp Nou, build a new Palau, complete the training centre by buying more land and getting it ready for the other sports teams. We want to develop the Barça Parc project in Viladecans. The presence of the brand in key markets should also be emphasized. We put aside the franchise project in the United States, but I would like to pick up the idea. We believe in the North-American market.

Your candidacy will announce names of players, of possible transfers during the election campaign?
If Guardiola and Txiki ask for players, we are able to sign them. My names will be the names asked by the technical staff.

These elections will be a Godall-Rosell duel or will it be more open?
I think the process will be polarized and focus on two candidates, Alfons Godall and Sandro Rosell. One project based on an experience that has worked, mine, and someone who wants to change everything, Sandro. It will be interesting to hear his proposals and to see what he says, if he wants to change something that works or not change anything.

So Rosell cannot be considered to be responsible for the sporting success of the club?
He left very quickly because he didn't share our sports model. And I insist. I would like to know if he wants to change things, and if so, which things. And if he does not want to change anything, why is he running? Maybe out of resentment and grudge. If this is the source of his bid, that doesn't seem right.

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