Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guixa: "Barça can sign any player"

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà gave an interview to Spanish newspaper 20 minutos.

What do you criticize about the club management by Joan Laporta?
He will go down in history as the president who had to deal with the most resignations in his board, a total of 15, and that says a lot. He doesn't take into account the opinion of the club member, he's not working together with the fan clubs to plan the trips or to distribute the tickets, he spies on his own vice-presidents, he fights with his driver, with the scanner at the airport, with local autonomic presidents...

Okay, okay, any good thing?
He had the courage to appoint Guardiola when he almost didn't have experience, but even so Pep has wanted to distance himself. He only agreed on a verbal renewal and he was not very comfortable when Laporta wanted to get on the picture with him. I think that the coach does not share his management model.

Is it difficult to face up to Laporta after the six trophies?
No, because the success is thanks to Guardiola who has managed to make abstraction from the problems in the management. The member is smart and separates the work of Pep from the management of Laporta.

You will continue to count on Pep?
Of course, but Begiristain will not continue. I think his contribution to Barça has come to an end. There have been signings that have not even stepped on the grass of the Camp Nou and negotiations that have been somewhat unclear.

Have you thought about some transfer?
We want to strengthen the youth academy, but we will sign what Guardiola considers to be necessary. He will decide and Barça can sign any player.

What do you think the political aspirations of Laporta?
As a citizen he has the right to do so, but then he should resign as president of Barça. He uses the club to prepare his entry into politics and to put his heir, Alfons Godall, at the Camp Nou. His ideas do not represent the entire fan base of Barça, which is a universal club, that unites cultures and ideologies. That's why Barça is more than a club.

Why should people vote for you?
I am the only alternative to the laportism. All other candidates come from the current club board. We want a more transparent club, to improve the training centre, to keep the Miniestadi...

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