Saturday, February 13, 2010

Godall rejects Soriano leading board candidacy

Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall has today reacted on his personal Facebook page to the rumours about a deal with former vice-president Ferran Soriano, who would take the lead of a joint candidacy (read more here):

"I would like to say, regarding some 'news reports' about Ferran Soriano that have appeared in the media, that I think that he has done an excellent job while he was at the club although those who left after the vote of no censure where wrong to do so.

But that is the past now. From my leadership in the 'More Barça' project, I think that it would be positive to recover Ferran for the Barça of the future, but we should reach an agreement...

I any case rule out to hand over the leadership of the 'More Barça' project! The basis of the project is to draw up a plan for the future while recognizing the best era and the best president in the modern history of FC Barcelona!"

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