Saturday, February 13, 2010

Guixa adds female historian to his team

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà has on Thursday announced that 43-year old Catalan historian Mercè Morales (picture, on the right) will be part of his team ahead of the elections for president of FC Barcelona in June of this year.

Morales, who has written several books about the club, explained at the press conference why she is part of the candidacy: "To me, Jaume Guixà is a real alternative because Barça needs a change and the other candidates aren't bringing that. We need more democracy and less self-centeredness.

We need a Barça in which the constant frictions in the board are put to an end. A democratic Barça, with a president who attracts people and doesn't reject people. Jaume is a man of consensus and to me as a club member he transmits the confidence I need to get from a president of my club.

I also want to stress the role of women within the club. She is no longer just someone who comes along, but has turned into an active supporter. That's why the role of women in the board of FC Barcelona shouldn't be passive, women must have an important role, especially at a club in which 25 percent of members are women.

Almost all the sections have a women's team, but we don't receive news about them and they are not enough promoted. The women's football team exists since 2001, but has been neglected in recent times and that is a mistake because women's football will soon become important in this country, that's unstoppable."

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