Monday, February 8, 2010

Godall: "I'm giving up my private life"

Barcelona first vice-president and presidential candidate Alfons Godall gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu.

When did you decide to present your candidacy for president of the club?
I had reached a point where it was clear to me that I wanted to run and I thought it was necessary to end this state of uncertainty and speculation about whether I would do it or not.

There had been written and said things that were not true, and I wanted to make my position clear.

But when did you make the decision.
At the end of the month of November, before the holidays.

Someone from the board convinced you to make a step forward or everything was already clear to you?
It is true that both Joan Laporta as other board colleagues had asked me already for some time to consider it, but it was clear to me that I first had to think about it. Later, some changes in my personal life, like having a partner and expecting a baby, helped me because now I have a perspective of a more stable life.

Taking everything in account, it was finally my heart that decided. As the end of the mandate of Joan came closer, it got clear to me that it is worthwhile to run trying to continue this period of successes in all areas.

You didn't have doubts after seeing some bad personal experiences Laporta had to go through?
I've had doubts because the position is incompatible with having a quiet private life. Although I must also say that it is not necessary to have the public exposure that president Laporta has had.

But it is true that, although I'm looking forward to it, I'm making a step that includes entering a highly mediatized world and losing the privacy and peace of mind that a normal club member has when going to the stadium and behaving as he wants. In this position you are always in the public eye, you have to deal with a lot. This is a great club, a big company that produces and makes something very special: emotions.

You've already noticed many changes after the presentation of your candidacy two weeks ago?
I felt relieved, because I hadn't made my position public yet while on the other hand things became more and more clear to me. So making the step forward brought me peace of mind.

Some people think that now that you have made this step forward, announcing that you are indeed a pre-candidate, that you should resign from your post as vice-president of the club...
Well, I don't agree. The statutes of the club indicate very clearly the steps that need to be taken from now on. The electoral calendar will show when I should resign from my position and that depends on the date of the elections.

The directors who were at your presentation will be making up most of your candidacy?
Those who attended, were there in the first place as friends. Now, not everyone who was there will be on the list, some because they still have to think about it. I count with each and every one of them, minus Joan Laporta, who can not take part. I would love to be able to count on all of them, but I guess some will start other journeys.

So you're still not closing the door to a single candidacy coming from this board of directors then? Could Jaume Ferrer end up on your list?
I've always said that, when he wishes, I want to talk with Jaume Ferrer to try to form a project together, as long as it is led by me and I have guarantees that I can lead the club comfortably. The good government of the club is at stake. I do not want to be a prisoner of my board, I want them to stand by me. If Jaume understands and respects this, he can join us.

You would have liked Jaume Ferrer and other executives close to him to be there your presentation?
I can only say that if Jaume in the end runs and will present his candidacy at an event, I will be glad to attend if he invites me. I would be delighted to go there.

It might be a surprise that a person you know for so many years and who has been so important for you and for Joan Laporta as is Albert Perrín is now part of the pre-candidacy of James Ferrer. What happened between you?
I don't like to talk about individuals. I prefer talking about general situations. I want to have people in my list that allow me to govern the club in a calm and stable way. And I think that there are people with a more appropriate profile than others. There's nothing more to it.

Albert Perrín said in a recent interview that you are a sectarian person...
Frankly, I don't think so. I am a person with an open mind, although I have clear ideas. Also about who my fellow travellers should be.

You're afraid of a tough electoral process with low blows?
No. I know the people involved and although there may be conflicting feelings, we mutually respect each other. It will be a clean process.

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