Sunday, January 3, 2010

Directors considering to leave the club

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that several directors could leave the club at the end of the presidency of Joan Laporta in June of this year in case the current board cannot form one consensus candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections.

The directors in question would not feel comfortable with the division inside the board that is caused by the fact that two vice-presidents - Alfons Godall and Jaume Ferrer - would like to run for president later this year.

Barcelona economic vice-president Joan Boix
would be one of the board members who finds it difficult to choose between his two colleagues because of his good personal relationships with both Godall and Ferrer.

Both Boix and sports vice-president Rafael Yuste would, like others, also be firmly convinced that the only way to win the coming elections is by presenting a single board candidacy. They would therefore think that if that's not possible it maybe wouldn't be worthwile to make an attempt.

Catalan newspaper Avui nevertheless claims that things are already clear. All the board members that weren't explicitly mentioned by vice-president Ferrer when he announced he will take part in the elections (read more here), would be supporting Godall.

This would mean that the group of Godall, who is believed to also have the support of president Laporta, would in that case include ten of the current directors and the group of Ferrer six.

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