Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soriano still not showing his cards

Speaking to Catalan television channel TV3, former Barcelona economic vice-president and current chairman of Spanish airline Spanair Ferran Soriano has repeated that he will take part in the upcoming elections but didn't specify what his role will be:

"I respect those who are announcing their candidacies, but I think the right moment to talk is when the elections are called. That's when I will take part by explaining what I think and what my opinion is, because I have learnt a lot of things during my five years at the club.

What happened in 2003 was extraordinary and it's important to explain what we did and which things were important. I will talk when the process start, something I didn't do when I left the club because I didn't want to stir things up.

One experiences and thinks about Barça with emotion and love and I cannot wait for the electoral period to start. I hope they will be called as soon as possible. Elections are a fabulous time, very emotional, because all of us will be able to intervene in the process in a constructive way.

Fans of other clubs like Manchester United or Arsenal are jealous of a club like Barça, because they cannot decide in any way who will preside their club and they're totally dependent of the owners.

I don't know how many candidates there will be in the end because not all of them will pass the signatures' cut. I think it's important that there's a diversity of opinions and I think it's good that several voices from the 2003 boad can be heard."

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