Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Llaurado admits talks with Minguella and Rexach

Possible Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Llauradó gave an interview to Catalan sports weekly paper Gol.

Will you run for president of Barça or not?
I have not yet made a decision.

On what does it depend?
On a few things.

They told me that a candidacy is being formed around the figure of Carles Rexach, that includes Minguella, Roche, Parera... And with you as key person.
If I would deny that, I would be lying to you. But I don't think that this project in the end will go through.

Why would that list be headed by Rexach and not by yourself?
A lot of people have to participate in a candidacy, not only people with ideas, but also people who scratch their pockets. If I will finally take part in the elections or not, depends on a meeting with another likely candidate and on the number of candidacies there will be. When there are many, there will be less possibilities to have an original project and reach the club members. In a few days, things will be clear.

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