Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weekly Round-Up (26): Four days to the vote

Every week an overview of the posts from this blog, written by Xaviniesta, is published on Barcelona news site totalBarca.

The process of electing the next president of FC Barcelona has entered its final week with the four candidates – Jaume Ferrer, Sandro Rosell, Marc Ingla, and Agusti Benedito – expected to take part in a series of debates organised by the Catalan media.

The first presidential debate, which was covered live by the blog, took place on Tuesday, and will have its follow up event today, June 10, at 22:30, under the sponsorship of Catalan television channel 8tv.

The campaign period will wrap up on Saturday, June 11, followed by a day of reflection on June 12 during which no election related activities will be allowed, and will culminate in the holding of the final vote on Sunday, 13 June, at the Camp Nou grounds.

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