Sunday, June 13, 2010

9:00 -10:00

Ingla: "I feel there's a good atmosphere, let's hope that there's a high turn-out."

Ingla: "I see it's not raining. That's today's first prediction that appears to be wrong."

Marc Ingla arrives at the stadium to vote.

Laporta: "We've managed for Barça to be the number one club in the world. We've done that with a straight attitude and as we said we have dedicated the best years of our lives to the club. We wanted a Catalan, solidary and universal Barça and I think we have achieved that."

Laporta: "I ask the members to go and vote today. I'm sure we'll have model elections and that the member will take part and enjoys this day."

Laporta: "I will leave the club as a satisfied and happy man because I think that my mission has been accomplished."

At 9:28, Barcelona president Joan Laporta has casted his vote.

First reports say that already one hour before the vote, people were approaching the stadium. At this moment, there are already large waiting lines.

Jaume Ferrer has arrived at the stadium. He's nevertheless only expected to vote around 10:30.

The new president will be the 39th president in the history of the club

The four names that are on the ballot paper today are: Agustí Benedito, Jaume Ferrer, Marc Ingla and Jaume Ferrer.

It is expected that around 50.000 members will come to the Camp Nou to vote, which could be more or less the same as in 2003, when 51.618 voted for Joan Laporta as the new president.

118.662 club members have the right to chose the president, which is 24.000 more than in the last elections in 2003.

The vote has started at 9 am at the Camp Nou. We'll cover the events until we know who will be the next president of FC Barcelona.