Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ten impertinent questions: Agusti Benedito

Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

1. Did you resign because Joan Laporta didn't appoint you as director?
No, that's something they said to divert attention. The reason is that he tried to do business on a personal level through a customer of the club.

2. How many times did he promise you to be a board member and how many did you ask him?

3. How did you collect the money for the campaign?
It was funded by all members of the candidacy. Some put in a little more and are going to the bank.

4. What about the rumors about your financial solvency?
If we are able to put down the bank guarantee? We'll fulfil the requirement.

5. What is your profession?
I am involved in some long-term projects. For example, trying to sell and transport water from some glaciers in Patagonia to the Middle East.

6. Do you really think that you can be president of Barça?
We have a chance. I won't say whether it's big or small.

7. How did you cope during those fourteen years behind the scenes when you prefer the spotlight?
Because that's not true, it's what I like less. He who wants to appear on television and in the newspapers wouldn't have waited so long.

8. If you do not win, will you accept an offer from the new board?
I don't think so, no. If we do not win and the circumstances are right, i might take part in the elections of 2016.

9. How many cars did you sell in your life?
More than 30,000.

10. What's that about wanting to be the president of Barça with a beard and no tie?
Beard, half of the candidates have a beard. And tie, I have not worn a tie in years so it's not something I'm now doing just for the campaign.

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