Monday, June 7, 2010

[2003] Jewish name causes upset in first debate

source: el mundo deportivo, monday 9 june 2003, page 4

Bassat explodes against Llaurado

The publicist expressed his profound upset because of the references to his second name

The first debate between the six candidates to preside FC Barcelona included a sad incident between Jaume Llauradó and Lluís Bassat. The publicist expressed his discomfort for the references of Llauradó about the absence of his second name on the papers used to collect signatures.

"If you want, you can call me Lluís Bassat Coen. That's how I was born and my mother felt very bad about what was said about it. It is a Jewish name and don't I have any problem to recognize that publicly. Nobody can exclude anyone because of race, religion or sex."

Llauradó defended himself claiming to be "a defender of human rights" and branded his opponent as "manipulative". After this accusation, Bassat rose from his seat and threatened to leave the television studios.

In the end he stayed, but not before revealing that a candidate a few weeks ago ordered a survey that asked whether a Jew could be president of Barça. Despite everything that happened, Bassat and Llauradó had an emotional embrace at the end of the program.

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