Friday, January 8, 2010

Team member Rosell talking about their project

Speaking to Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio, Jordi Cardoner, who will be part of the board team of presidential candidate Sandro Rosell, gave some further insights in the candidacy of the former sports vice-president:

"It's true that I'm part of the team of Sandro Rosell. We're a group of very motivated people. We're very excited, not because of the mere fact to be part of the board but because of the idea of being able to lead and manage FC Barcelona.

For now, our candidacy is respecting a timing, that will also depend on the decision of the current board regarding the date of the elections. At this moment we're already working on our pre-candicacy for several months with a large group. We're trying to understand the reality and the needs of the club members so we can translate that in our electoral program.

Everyone within the candidacy has its responsibility. We had to organize ourselves as a team and that's what we did. Every person has some concrete tasks to fulfil depending on his personal interests, skills or wishes. Basically, we're a group of friends who knew each other already before starting this project.

In my case, I'm responsible for the social area, which might be linked to my family background [cardoner is the grandson of former barcelona vice-president nicolau casaus, who was responsible for the club's social area for more than 20 years]. It's really what I'm most passionate about, to understand the club members and to satisfy their current needs based on my ideas about the club.

Regarding the social area, we're mainly focusing on making it possible that the club members, the co-owners of the club, can identify themselves even more with the club, not only during the games but also through services that can satisfy their needs.

In general, we would like bring the members closer to the club and open the club to the members, for example by providing them more information that they now don't have, for example regarding the players' contracts. Just as happens with shareholders of other companies. It's about transparency, clarity, honesty and dignity, also of those who are in charge and represent the club."

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