Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rosell favourite for the gamblers

Catalan online newspaper El Debat reports that former Barcelona sports vice-president Sandro Rosell is for the gamblers at online betting site 'Betfair' the favourite to be chosen as president of FC Barcelona later this year.

Rosell was on Tuesday at noon noted at 1,4 euro for each euro input, with Barcelona assets vice-president Jaume Ferrer at this moment being seen as his biggest rival, with a rate of 3,3. A few hours before, Spanish news agency Europa Press had reported that Rosell was noted at 1,2 and Ferrer at 4.

The ranking
Sandro Rosell: 1,4
Jaume Ferrer: 3,3
Alfons Godall: 5,1
Ferran Soriano: 5,1
Agustí Benedito: 7,2
Jaume Guixà: 11,5

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