Saturday, January 9, 2010

Perrin: "Nobody is touched by the magic stick"

Speaking to Catalan radio station RAC 1, Barcelona institutional vice-president Albert Perrín (picture, on the right) has repeated that it will be very difficult to form one united board candidacy, although he said that this is still his wish:

"I would like to have one candidacy and I will do anything I can to have a common project. But of course, if one of the parties doesn't want that, then there wouldn't be nothing more to say. I understand that for a lot of people it doesn't seem logical not to have one list but I can't do much about it.

Jaume Ferrer has never asked for anything, he was open to negotiate. But Alfons Godall sees things differently. If he wants to lead and puts his conditions on the table, I have to respect that but maybe you should ask it to him why he's creating all those obstacles.

I only read statements from Alfons Godall in which he claims a leadership that nobody handed to him. All vice-presidents and directors, being it Jaume Ferrer or Alfons Godall or Joan Boix or myself or whoever, have the right to speak out. Nobody has been touched by the magic stick. Everybody can have aspirations but he's already putting forward his conditions and that's where the problems start.

I think that one candidacy is very difficult but I promise I will do all that is possible to form one single candidacy. We will try to convince Godall that we're a group and that we should stay united. In any case, we're going to try to separate the management of the club and the elections."

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