Monday, January 11, 2010

Grand-daughter club founder in board team Guixa

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà has announced in a press release today that Emma Gamper, the grand-daughter of Barcelona founder Hans (Joan) Gamper, will be a member of his board of directors if he will be elected president later this year:

"I am very happy that Emma joins our candidacy. For every Barcelona fan it means a lot to be able to count on the legacy of Joan Gamper in their project, and I have this privilege."

Emma Gamper, a 59-year old artist who wrote a biography on her grandfather two years ago, explains in the statement why she supports the candidate: "I am convinced that Jaume Guixà will be the next president of FC Barcelona and that he will bring back the values that were promoted by my granddad, Joan Gamper, when he founded Barça.

The main qualities of Jaume Guixà are his honesty, transparency and professional skills. Over the last five years he silently prepared a great project that deserves all our trust. I launch an appeal to all club members who really love FC Barcelona to give us their support and to join the Guixà movement."

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