Monday, November 23, 2009

Talks on board candidate to start in December

Speaking to Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio, Barcelona institutional vice-president Albert Perrín has said that it would be a mistake if the current board wouldn't present one presidential candidate in next year's elections:

"If this board won't be able to form one candidacy, then we would be quite stupid. It would be absurd that there would be two board candidates because then it would be almost impossible to win. I think we all should make an effort, talk and find a consensus so we can continue the work we have done until now. In all areas - sporting, social, economic - the results of the club have been very positive and we are capable to go on.

Who should be the candidate? We need to keep on talking about that. I think that Alfons Godall and Jaume Ferrer are two people with enough experience in the club and with enough qualities to be president. Xavier Sala i Martín? I think he's a very intelligent person, with qualities, with a ceertain fame, who can fulfil every job. He might lack some experience but that can be compensated by other qualities.

A lot of board members could be the candidate, but it's impossible to replace the president we have now. We've had a president with character, with courage, who has turned this club around. You can discuss about some of his actions, but he has been a dynamic president, enterprising, with innovative ideas, not afraid of anything. He has left his mark and he's kind of irreplaceable.

So we shouldn't look for a substitute because we won't find one and that's maybe why we are still discussing: because the possible candidates are different from the current president. We're not in a hurry to make a decision. The plan is that the board will start the final talks after the World Cup for Clubs in December and that we will have a candidate at the beginning of next year."

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